HLA Development Cohort

HLA Development Cohort

Enhance your thinking and teaching through collaboration with other like-minded humanistic educators.

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Business school professors have the opportunity to not just impart knowledge to students but to engage them in practical applications of that knowledge and to alter their mindsets and perceptions of the world. Through our cohorts designed to share collective wisdom, participants put themselves at the forefront of unlocking the potential in their students to become humanistic leaders and make a significant and needed impact on today’s world.

Our world is hungry for business education that prepares tomorrow’s leaders for the complicated array of considerations including sustainability, talent development, strategic planning, social responsibility and more. In this environment, there is a growing recognition among business school faculty for the need to leverage each other’s insights to teach differently.

Professor Cohort Program Overview

The Cohort Program is a co-creation experience by professors and for professors–developing the ability to be, know, and do of humanistic business education. All aspects of the Cohort Program are aligned to the vision of the Humanistic Leadership Academy “creating a world that works for 100% of humanity” as outlined in the Humanistic Leadership Academy Manifesto (Cohort participants are required to read and sign the Manifesto.)

During these sessions, participants will literally create the experience as a collective group while learning and sharing new pedagogical methods that forward the work of humanizing business education.

Information Session1-hour webinar to understand the program, humanistic leadership, and the expectation to adopt empathetic listening throughout the experience
KickoffHandoff from a previous Cohort to build connection to the Vision and to each other
Cohort SessionsSeven virtual sessions of 60 minutes. Each participant must attend at least 5 sessions live and complete others via recording.
Personal Learning SessionsParticipants will receive access to virtual sessions provided by other supporters of this work. Each participant will be expected to attend 5 sessions of their choosing
Curriculum ContributionShare at least one model, case study, exercise or other piece of curriculum that can be a resource for others
Curriculum ImplementationApply at least one model, case study, exercise, or other piece of curriculum within your class(es)
RecruitmentAs your experience concludes, consider who you might like to invite to participate in a future Cohort
CapstoneHelp initiate the next Cohort by leading the Kickoff session
Mutual CommitmentBe an example of Humanistic Leadership before, during, and after the Cohort Sessions


Q: What is the cost for participation?

A: There is no cost for cohort participation. There may be travel costs based on your city of origin. However, there is financial assistance available, and we are working to secure additional funding so that travel costs are never an impediment.

Q: What is the curriculum like?

A: We are looking to achieve harmony across the Be.Know.Do dimensions, with a focus on Being. The Kickoff and Cohort sessions will be facilitated but with ample space for the Cohort participants to co-create the experience and engage in a lot of personal sharing. The Pre-Kickoff and Personal Learning sessions will be focused more on Knowing and Doing.

Q: What are some potential topics within the curriculum?

A: Topics always incorporate the experience and expertise of those in each Cohort. Past topics have included Professor Discernment, Transformational Pedagogy, Understanding One’s Calling, Auto-Ethnography, Haiku of You, and Quantum Leadership.

Q: What organizations is this effort linked to?

A: We have a growing list of partners that include the UN PRME, Ashoka, Net Impact, Conscious Capitalism, and associations of Jesuit Universities. The International Humanistic Management Association is a driving force in the initiative alongside the Barry-Wehmiller company, Fairtrasa, and a host of others. We seek to create a space where members of all these organizations can connect, share, grow and ultimately change the world.

Chris Laszlo headshot

We must find these small groups of people to collaborate, and make a meaningful difference in the world, and begin to amplify these goals of introducing more humanistic leadership into business. Finding like-minded leaders who are trying to disruptively create a better future for our world is encouraging.


Professor of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

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