New Webinar Series Beginning November 10th: Humanistic Leadership Academy

How is leadership being taught in business education today? What does “Humanistic Leadership” mean to you? Business schools educate tomorrow’s business and organizational leaders and have a powerful impact on human flourishing. The way we lead impacts the way people live.

The Humanistic Leadership Academy announces a Fall Webinar Series to engage practitioners across Business Schools globally.  Building on the success of past webinar series, HLA has invited partners who are like-minded in thought and have additive perspectives to share their wisdom with our network.  All professors, university staff and like-minded individuals are encouraged to join our newest webinar series beginning November 10th! Please register below!

The Evolutionary Case of Leadership
David Sloan Wilson is an American evolutionary biologist and a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at Binghamton University.  He will expand the boundaries of what we consider the foundations of leadership and inspire us all with concepts that we can bring into the classroom.
A Dialogue on Discernment Practices
Nicky Santos is a Jesuit and marketing professor who is committed to implementing the Inspirational Paradigm across Jesuit Business Schools.  Paul Coutinho is a noted author and professor at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and leadership.  Together the two will engage in a conversation that will impart the wisdom of the Jesuit tradition and their practical experience in a way that can be applied in all kinds of classrooms.
Presencing Along Life’s Journey
Otto Scharmer is a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and co-founder of the Presencing Institute.  He is partnering with HLA leaders to expand how presencing can be a critical mindset from professors and students alike
Aligning Care & Accountability
Brian Wellinghoff is Senior Director at Barry-Wehmiller, Executive in Residence at VCU, and co-Founder of the Humanistic Leadership Academy.  Brian will drive synthesis of the webinar series through education participants about how to create harmony in the classroom with the dual goals of personal care and accountability.

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All sessions will be hosted via Zoom and begin at 10:00am EST and will include activities, breakout sessions, question sessions, and online polling. There will be a short video to review before each session that provides context for the content. Each session will conclude with a practical takeaway action to apply in the next week.