Video: Patrick Struebi Discusses The Ethos of the Humanistic Leadership Academy

Businesses and organizations play a pivotal role in tackling today’s pressing global challenges.

How do we move away from the current narrative of success as money, power and position and move toward people seeing themselves as changemakers who also inspire others to contribute to what the world needs?

How can we create workplaces that provide meaning, purpose and honor the dignity inherent in all of us? How do we create a world that works for all of humanity?

During the collaboration to launch the Humanistic Leadership Academy back in 2022, these are the questions Patrick Struebi asked of fellow HLA co-founders to help form our vision—to change businesses and organizations by transforming business education to be more human-centered.

Patrick is a social entrepreneur and thought leader, as well as the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Fairtrasa Group. He is an Ashoka Fellow, an Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur, a Yale World Fellow and a Gabelli Fellow at Fordham University where is he also an adjunct professor. Patrick is one of the HLA co-founders and has been an HLA Core Team partner throughout our journey.

Patrick recently visited the headquarters of our founding partner organization, Barry-Wehmiller, in St. Louis, Missouri, where he joined in listening sessions with BW team members, toured BW facilities with CEO Bob Chapman and collaborated on upcoming strategies to further our mission of the Humanistic Leadership Academy.

In this video, listen to Patrick Struebi talk about the rationale behind the Humanistic Leadership Academy and how we are continuing our mission to transform business education to create leaders who honor individual dignity, demonstrate the courage to care for others and work toward shared wellbeing on a healthy planet.