Announcing 2024 Spring Professor Cohort. Apply today!

The Humanistic Leadership Academy warmly invites professors to join our Spring 2024 Cohort, beginning February 16th. This series consists of seven one-hour sessions, diving into key leadership topics such as care, accountability, trust and contemporary economic insights, all tailored for the academic setting.

Why Participate?

Relevant and Engaging Content: Each session is designed with the academic’s perspective in mind, offering insights and strategies for integrating humanistic principles into your leadership and teaching.
Focused Aims: The cohort is centered around two main objectives: enhancing your ability to live and work with a humanistic approach and equipping you to instill these values in your students.
Collaborative Learning Environment: Engage with a community of your peers and industry experts in an interactive, supportive setting, enhancing the learning experience.
Build a Network of Changemakers: Join a community of like-minded individuals. Our cohort members are more than participants; they are future leaders passionate about making a difference. The connections you make here will be valuable allies in your leadership journey.
Flexible Online Access: Attend sessions from wherever you are, ensuring you can fit this valuable experience into your busy schedule.

What You’ll Gain

Joining the cohort means you’ll not only refine your leadership skills but also gain practical strategies for fostering a more empathetic, responsible environment in your classes and in your academic setting. You’ll leave with a set of tools to help both yourself and your students lead from a humanistic perspective.

Timing & Dates

The cohort starts on February 16th, and consists of seven 1-hour online sessions, via zoom. Each session begins at 9am Central Time (USA). Each session will be recorded, and participants are required to attend at least five of the live sessions. If any sessions are missed, participants must review the recording prior to the next session.

There will be a one-week break for Good Friday celebrations in the USA, and daylight savings begins in the USA on March 10. The schedule is as follows:

Session #1 – February 16, 2024
Session #2 – February 23, 2024
Session #3 – March 1, 2024
Session #4 – March 8, 2024
Session #5 – March 15, 2024
Session #6 – March 22, 2024
Session #7 – April 5, 2024

Register Now

As places are limited to ensure a quality experience, we encourage early registration. Apply to join the Spring 2024 Cohort by completing the registration form or visit our Professor Cohort Program page of our website.